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Corporate Transactions and Planning

Corporate and Business Attorney Serving New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Every commercial venture requires legal assistance at some point, whether you’re a small local business or a nationwide Fortune 500 company. Attorney Patrick E. Donovan has the experience and knowledge to assist with your corporate or business legal issues, from helping with the formation of corporate entities, the negotiation and construction of business contracts to acquisitions and lending agreements.


Our commercial law services include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate and Business Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Small Business Formations (Corporate and LLC Formation)
  • Stock Purchase and Transfer Agreements
  • Employment and Termination Agreements
  • Partnership and Buy-Sell Agreements

The Difference Decades of Experience Can Make

Attorney Donovan has help form hundreds of small businesses during his 25+ year legal career.  More often than not, future partnership disputes can be avoided by a thorough, well-crafted and informed set of corporate bylaws or an operating agreement.  Success in business requires careful planning and hard work.  Your company can benefit from Donovan Law’s vast experience helping other small and large businesses whether you and your company require advice in employee matters, contract drafting or negotiations, or the sale or redemption of corporate stock or LLC membership shares.

One of the more difficult problems I frequently encounter for my clients is the small business formed by a close group of friends or family members.  Going into business with a friend or family member can appear to offer you the best of both worlds.  More often than not, however, a business relationship can sour, or irreparably damage, a close friendship or family relationship.  When that happens, legal action is typically not far behind.  Sorting through these issues after they arise can require substantial resources.  Plan ahead.  If your are considering going into business with a friend or family member, contact Donovan Law, we will help you understand your options and protect your investment.


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