Civil Litigation

Commercial and Civil Litigation

Civil and Corporate Litigation in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

The Law Office of Patrick E. Donovan is committed to meeting the litigation needs of a range of clients, from private individuals or small companies to large corporations. We strive to reinforce our reputation with each and every case by working harder than the opposing side, respecting our clients’ wishes and pursuing their desired outcome while recognizing budgetary constraints.

Communication is key in any type of civil or commercial litigation.  That is why Donovan Law regularly communicates with and engages its clients as to the litigation process, recent developments and long-term strategy involved in their case.  Successfully navigating the justice system requires team work between a client and his or her attorney.  Your chances for success are better with Patrick E. Donovan on your team.


Our civil and corporate litigation services include:

  • Federal and State Court Cases
  • Civil and Commercial Disputes
  • Property and Neighbor Disputes
  • Wrongful Termination, Harrassment and Discriminatory Employment Claims
  • Landlord Tenant Disputes
  • Construction/Contractor Disputes
  • Trade Secret Violations
  • Contract and Consumer Protection Claims

The Difference Decades of Experience Can Make

Attorney Donovan has litigated and tried hundreds of civil and commercial disputes in the federal and state courts in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  As a small business owner, he understands that any commercial or civil dispute eventually comes down to a business decision.  How much should you invest in pursuing a contract, employment or property dispute that, if successful, can result in a substantial judgment or a few thousand dollars.  Donovan Law will walk you through that analysis and help you determine what constitutes the smart business decision.

Like any contest, success is most often based upon preparation, experience, team work and work ethic.  As an experienced litigator, Patrick Donovan will implement these practices and make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.  He has tried and negotiated million dollar cases and smaller disputes involving twenty or thirty thousand dollars in damages.  Whether you have been wrongfully terminated, or your former employee is stealing your customers and soliciting your clients, Donovan Law has represented an individual or company in your situation.  If you or your company is in need of sound legal advice involving a civil or commercial problem, give us a call for a free consultation


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